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Restoration and service of vintage cars

It is amazing to see how an old machine is turned into a beautiful veteran through thousands of work hours. We handle every vehicle like our own.
Full service of veteran vehicles, free condition survey to prepair for OT/FIVA certification.

About us

We are proud to be among the lucky few who are passionate about their job. Our history is not unique: childhood love for cars, disassembling and assembling everything, modeling. Life guided some of us toward their profession and others to entirely different directions. We finally ended up here, as, after all, we have fuel running in our veins. Our passion for vehicles became our drive to find a solution to each and every challenge.

Once you start working, you will make mistakes for sure. At the beginning, we too took the wrong road sometimes. The bumpy road became smoother with time: by now, we have a ready solution for almost any problem.
Our first restoration was completed in 2011. That car runs perfectly since then and passed a perfect FIVA certificate.
We continuously improve our tools and machinery, and we are open to new technologies and manufacturing processes.


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