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Restoration includes total disassembly, cataloging, taking pictures. Missing or faulty parts are collected or remanufactured. The vehicles receive full restoration. Phases are checked several times, and if necessary, an external expert of the relevant type is involved.


The body gets repaired and treated with tin for welding. We can produce any part whenever it is necessary. The next step is a special KTL bath of the body, and finally painting.


We work with high quality products exclusively, trying to get hold of factory material. However, this is not in all cases possible. Wooden parts are restored or re-manufactured.


Drivetrain is built up entirely newly as well, which results in a full technical, as well as aesthetic recovery. It is important to make our oldtimer flawless not only on its wheels, but on the underside just as well!



We hand over each restored vehicle with FIVA certification. Please visit our references site to see some of our restored and repaired cars.